If Sarah Selecky Comes to Whistler in the Fall were a Sarah Selecky Short Story

31 Jul

If Sarah Selecky Comes to Whistler in the Fall were a Sarah Selecky short story, then:
• There is a 50% chance that the character Sarah Selecky would sleep with someone inappropriate,
• Everyone in the story would drink too much wine,
• Someone would be involved in a pyramid sales scheme, and
• The supporting characters would be conflicted about procreation (generally in favour of it) and parenthood (not quite so sure). *

(*based on a completely unscientific analysis of Selecky’s Commonwealth Book Prize and Giller Prize nominated collection of stories, This Cake is for the Party (and not meant in any way to reflect on the moral fibre of the real life Sarah Selecky.))

If Sarah Selecky Is Really Coming to Whistler This Fall to Be Our Writer-in-Residence were a piece of creative non-fiction or literary journalism, or even straight-up facts-with-no-flourishes-journalism, then:
• Selecky would be the 6th writer-in-residence in 5 years to take up residence in Whistler’s Station House on Alta Lake,
• She would be most likely to find traces of her predecessors on the bookshelf of the house, as it is not imagined that Brian Brett (2010), Wayne Grady (2009), Merilyn Simonds (2009), Canada Jane Dorsey (2008) or Paulette Bourgeois (2007) would have written their names on the back of the washroom door.
• She would be the first guest author whose Writer-in-Residence program would be supported by the Canada Council for the Arts.
• She would be working with 12 students on manuscripts of their choice, but they will need to enrol by August 12 by contacting Stella Harvey at stella25@telus.net.

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